What if reality and dreams are reversed?


Just a question to all out there. I was sitting here earlier, and thinking to myself. What if when you die, you wake up? This took me to another question I pondered. What if the reality that you live is a dream, and when you sleep, and go into your dreams, that is the real reality of your being?

That is to say, we “wake up” every morning, from our sleep, and dreams to our “reality”. But what if this “reality” is actually a dream, fictitious, not real. So we wake up, live our mundane lives, do our mundane jobs, and tasks. When we go back to bed, and drift into sleep, and begin our “dreams” – that, those dreams are our lives – we just don’t remember when we come back into our “reality” what we “dreamt/lived”. Kind of like how it is hard to remember your dreams.

Does this make sense to anyone?


Religion and Spirituality

▪ Religion is not just one, there are many.
▪ Spirituality is one.

▪ Religion is for those who sleep.
▪ Spirituality is for those who are awake.

▪ Religion has a set of dogmatic rules.
▪ Spirituality invites us to reason about everything, to question everything.

▪ Religion threatens and frightens.
▪ Spirituality gives inner peace

▪ Religion represses everything which is false.
▪ Spirituality transcends everything, it brings you closer to your truth.

▪ Religion speaks of a God; It is not God.
▪ Spirituality is everything and therefore, it is in God.

▪ Religion does not tolerate any question.
▪Spirituality questions everything.

▪ Religion is the cause of divisions.
▪Spirituality unites.

▪ Religion is looking for you to believe.
▪ Spirituality you have to look for it to believe

▪ Religion lives in thought.
▪ Spirituality lives in Inner Consciousness.

▪ Religion makes us renounce the world to follow a God.
▪ Spirituality makes us live in God.

▪ Religion lives in the past and in the future.
▪ Spirituality lives in the present.

▪ Religion makes us believe in eternal life.
▪ Spirituality makes us aware of Eternal Life.

How Turmeric Helped Me be calmer – yes yellow powder.


After much research, countless nights sleep-less, and a willingness to venture into the spiritual realm, I stumbled upon some information regarding this yellow powder – referred to as turmeric power. It has many names throughout many dialects, but one thing is clear, this natural herb has some magical properties.

I knew of turmeric powder, from people using it to cover their faces with, to clear the skin, and make the skin extra glossy, or vibrant. What I didn’t know was that turmeric is actually an antioxidant. What’s an antioxidant? An antioxidant is a substance that counteracts aging. It is also a painkiller – like Tylenol.

What surprised me was the spiritual properties that was associated with it, reaching far back to the East Indians, and Asian cultures. So what have I been doing? Take this powder, and make it into a paste, preferably with filtered water. You really don’t need much at all, probably less than a tea spoon of the powder, mixed with the same amount of water, and mix it gently with your fingers. After some time it will become a paste. You take this paste and rub it across your forehead, all over. Just make sure to cover your forehead well, not too much, not too little, and add an extra bit to the center of your forehead – where your third eye is – between the two eye brows. Keep it on for about 45 minutes, and wash off. Warning, it will leave a stain, so be careful of the towel you’re using to dry off. Hopefully its yellow!

What is this supposed to do? Well, my research has shown from personal testimonials, that after about 30 days of doing this (for someone who is approx. 30 years of age), it will decalcify your third eye, in turn, will help open your third eye even more. With this are some ancient teachings and testimonials from normal every day people. You see, over time, your third eye chakra, becomes calcified, from many things through your life, but especially the chemical called fluoride

Define Fluoride: sodium fluoride or another fluorine-containing salt added to water supplies or toothpaste in order to reduce tooth decay.

Can you image how many years you have been brushing your teeth with fluoride invested toothpaste? Even the water (in most western countries) contain added fluoride. From the water you drink, to the showers you take – it’s full of it.


In turn, over the years, this fluoride calcifies you third eye. You’re eye is actually more open and ready for spiritual wakefulness when your younger, rather than older due to this.

My feelings and practices of this decalcifying process has really helped me. I remember the first night I did this, and actually just went to bed without wiping it off (not really a good idea, as it totally yellows out everything near you). I woke up the next morning, with a different sense of feeling, and a more openness and awareness to the world around me. I remember driving to work that next morning feeling oddly refreshed, but oddly observant of everything happening around me. It was as if the colours of everything around me, from the green of the grass to the cars driving by, just popped more. It was definitely weird – but in a good way.

Over this last month, as I’ve continued this practice before going to bed, I’ve really noticed myself as a more calmer person (even though my meditation routine is really not happening right now as the way I would like it). I’ve for some reason, noticed myself being more passionate about situations, and people, and trying to understand the other side of things or how others may be thinking, and their logic. I’ve been able to stay more calm, in heated situations, and not just react like I may have normally done. It has kept me more grounded, calmer, and honest with myself.

I urge anyone out there reading this to please give it a try. If you are approx. 30-40 years of age, do it for 30 days straight, and you will decalcify your third eye completely. Added meditation will for sure intensify thisprocess.

Until next time, this is Kosmik.


Finding Your Passion


Recently, I have been trying to follow my passion. But you know what’s harder than following it? Finding it in the first place.

I’ve been trying to branch out and find the alternatives and the hobbies I used to have and enjoy. I have always been a junkie for Electronic Dance Music. I used to DJ back in the day, and even produced a couple of tracks and remixes, and put them onto iTunes, back in the day. Ah, the all too familiar, “back in the day”. People used to ask me, “why did you stop?” I always had some lame excuse on “oh work” or “not enough time”. Which in the end, all really was nothing. To this day, I still miss it, so I took up on purchasing some new equipment recently, and just trying to get back into the groove of things, and trying to have some fun. Spark something.

More than anything though. I would really like to do some sort of online content, other than this blog of course. But…finding my passion, seems harder, and I am a bit at lost of what I really enjoy, or would love doing, not just as a hobby, but to eventually flower into a career and forget the archaic 9 to 5 job.

I know it will take me some time, but I have been brainstorming some ideas. Around the things that interest me, one which is producing or mixing music. To even streaming, creating a podcast, to doing influential videos on youtube. I hope to find my way.

Has any one else had trouble finding your passion? And then sticking by it? What helped you? Leave some comments, and I’d love to read them.



Recently, I took a little trip out of the city, actually out of the country to get away with a friend. My life at home had not been the best, with constant worry about my wife, my newborn and an over possessing mother in law. She had been living with us for about 5 months now, with my newly born son, and things were, lets say, getting to me.

I just needed to get away, not from my responsibilities, but needed a break from the house environment. I went away with a friend, if only for 3 days, and now back, I do feel completely refreshed. Mind you, the mother in law is now back at her home, which I would be lying, if i didn’t say, helps. Regardless though, it got me thinking of why breaks away, in general are beneficial for every person.

This is more of an explorative post, rather than the traditional ramblings of your one and only. I know why breaks can be important, but why does it still help, when you can still come back to the same situation, yet feel different, maybe less irritated then when you left? Should it not be the same? Suppose not! Perhaps you’ve broken the negative energy in which you created the atmosphere of when you were in those negative moods. Perhaps the break, literally breaks you of those energies and tendencies – brings you back more neutral, and ready to take it on.

I’d love to hear some comments on what breaks have done for you!

The Arrogance of the Intellect & Satisfying Need.


I remember once, I was watching a Yogi. He was an older man, with a long white beard, an orange turban on his head, the his eyes teemed with galactic wisdom. He had said something very inspirational. A questioner from the audience had asked “is there a difference between being smart, and being wise?” The Yogi responded by saying that there was a very big difference between someone who was smart, and someone who was wise. “Don’t fool yourself of mixing these two things together.”

A smart or intellectual person is not necessarily smart. Essentially, what is smart? It is the simple process of being about to regurgitate information. It is simply someone who is able to revalidate information that is already there. There is a difference between being  wise and creative, and an intellect who can recycle information.

I myself, have met these intellectuals in my personal life at times. Let me tell you one thing, it is sometimes painful to be in their company. Perhaps it is the over confidence of their personalities, or the ability to spew and recycle irrelevant information, or the lack of social interaction and fluidness. It isn’t social at all, and there seems to be nothing humble about the atmosphere.

Nonetheless, I think it is important for us to remember the intellect, and its boundaries. Do not let yourself get too high on the intellectual throne. Not everything in life is logical, and therefore, lets make sure we look at the emotional, and spiritual side of every situation, and not let intellectually inclusivity rule.

I was recently watching a video, called “Jordan Peterson – The Arrogance of The Intellect” I’ll link it here. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, although its only 6 minutes long, but if you are wise, just listen to the first minute of the video. The guy literally starts by asking this psychology professor “The issue that I face is that I have a very high need for intellectual stimulation, and I cant get that from most people…how should i address this?”

God Damn.

When I heard these words, I began to think immediately “what an asshole”. But that’s just my mind trying to label people and put something back into its place, on something I don’t personally agree with.

First of all, this idea of a very high need for intellectual stimulation is driven by the person that needs it. I think the whole question or proposal can be broken apart just from his first sentence. Can we begin by asking ourselves, what is this need someone may have? What is this need to be around and socialize with other intellectuals. Why is it so high? And perhaps the ultimate question, who is cultivating this need? It is the person himself. Why must there be a high need to be stimulated from one aspect of life, for this instance, the utter need to be around intellectual or smart people, who can carry on longer conversations about specific topics than the rest?

This is the problem. This individual has, over time, created an unbalanced need, an almost addictive need, to be constantly stimulated by one thing. That’s like literally what society has done over the last decade, creating the humans need to be constantly around technology, your phones, tabs, cpus, social medias, and etc. That’s like literally me saying. “So the issue i am facing is that i have this high need for technological stimulation, and most technology just doesn’t do it for me….what do you suggest i do?”

How about minimizing that specific need? Human need is un-ending. This is human nature. It will not be satisfied in this way. The wise will understand this – not the intellectual. As always the answers will always lay within you, not outside of you. There is no solution that is external, but only internal that will truly satisfy you on a kosmik scale.


Why I’m sick of Trump Bashing


Just to put this out in the open from the beginning. I am not American. I’ve had no relation to American politics or the elections, who won, who didn’t. I am also, a visible minority (which by the way, I dislike that word – but we will stick with it for now).

Now. Over the last few months, I’m sure what it is, but every press release, news anchor, or “intellectual” talk show host, seem to have a trump stick up their asses. Pardon my Canadian-French. Me, being completely outside of America, don’t really understand this, but I also think that the American media have done their jobs in terms of shaming a US president to no end. They have all jumped on this wagon, and completely ran with trump bashing the crap out of his first year in office. This is absolute fear-mongering.

I am usually a fair judge on when something is naturally taking place, versus when something is really unnatural, or just out of whack, and not making much sense. In this I mean to say that I find it, a fair bit suspicious or unnatural, on why from every news outlet, press and public figure to celebrity seems to be on the trump bash wagon all on the same time. It’s really like they all held a meeting and all jumped on the wagon! I reckon the wagon is completely full now!

Why are news anchors from CNN, to talk show hosts such as Fallon, Kimmel and Oliver, to celebrities from Eminem and more, all on this wagon, all at the same time? Something is not right. I don’t believe the fact that mere differences in political opinions are just in portraying such out lash from these types of figures, especially to this velocity. There is something un-natural about this.

Something’s off. I myself, as most of the world, watched when Trump out trumped Clinton over the 2016 elections. And when he did win, the world went into an upheaval. Not just the world, but people right beside me – who were not directly affected by the results at all! And what happened soon after was that I myself began to get upset on trumps victory, not on the basis on different political opinions from his to mine, or what this would mean to my country, but merely due to the fact of mob mentality. That is to say, the people around me seemed upset, and I was going to be as well!

After a few months, I realized something. It wasn’t as bad as our minds made it out to be. And after much research on the Clintons, and what disasters they’ve committed towards the USA – trump wasn’t looking so bad. The honest and best thing I eventually came to like about this president is that he was not a politician from the ground up, rather a business man. He SEEMED to be more of a people person – but who knows?! Mainly, I wanted to believe he was not corrupted or effected by the vast corruption that has been embedded in American politics over hundreds of years. This statement of American political corruption is absolutely true.

Might this be the same corruption being directed to what is stirring up the current trump bashing? Is there something going on behind the lime light with certain powers at be, who don’t particularly like trump, as trump seems to be more out in the open about “draining the swamp that is the American political system”. I believe this new found backlash, and fear mongering of trumps’ name from politicians to celebrities to pretty much every damn place, has a bigger agenda in mind, from the powers that push the American medias and celebrities. Call it the illuminati, or the opposing parties, or the invisible hand. The members of the opposition, whoever that may be, has done a fantastic job in shaming the current US president in all media, through all journalists and public figures. They have this power, and we are literally witnessing it every day. When was the last time you can remember an American President being shamed so publicly, so violently, and with such force? And it doesn’t look like its slowing down. Something if off.