Electronic Dance Music and Cosmic Vibration.


Electronic Dance Music (EDM), is essentially music rooted in sounds, mostly purely, electronic, meaning, it seems (to me at least) has a high vibratory feel. There is repetitive beat after beat which makes the main drum-line which you will essentially hear through the entire song (for most EDM).

For those of you who follow EDM, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. There isn’t much to explain on how we connect these electronic feels, to the feels of cosmic or almost other worldly feeling. The world, universe is made up of cosmic vibration and energy. Vibrations are a part of us and everything we are, and will be (or have been). From human beings, to the wild-life, bacteria, and an inanimate rock – it all consists of vibrations of energy, that essentially make up what you see, or are.

Perhaps the correlation from these vibrations are most strong, when there is literally MORE vibration, or movement. Different vibrations or energy create different things, such as that inanimate rock, wild-life, to the things we build, such as skyscrapers, to road signs. Since it is all “matter” in our universe, it all vibrates. All things vibrate with some frequency, in turn creating that object/thing/thought.

How is EDM translated to this cosmic vibration? It translates when we literally feel the vibrations of the music. As EDM is highly beat driven, it simply creates more of a vibrational atmosphere, which is repetitive, and in turn, really drives home this feeling of energy and vibration. Furthermore, the slow introduction of new and rhythmic sounds and synths, create different soundscapes of vibration. I can literally feel my heart vibrating when I am drenched in deep house music. Perhaps the other aspect of this relation is how different types of electronic sounds and pitches resonate with EDM, and how we may relate this to the sounds of the cosmos – almost an unknown, yet addicting vibratory feel. Kosmik feel.

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