Why I’m sick of Trump Bashing


Just to put this out in the open from the beginning. I am not American. I’ve had no relation to American politics or the elections, who won, who didn’t. I am also, a visible minority (which by the way, I dislike that word – but we will stick with it for now).

Now. Over the last few months, I’m sure what it is, but every press release, news anchor, or “intellectual” talk show host, seem to have a trump stick up their asses. Pardon my Canadian-French. Me, being completely outside of America, don’t really understand this, but I also think that the American media have done their jobs in terms of shaming a US president to no end. They have all jumped on this wagon, and completely ran with trump bashing the crap out of his first year in office. This is absolute fear-mongering.

I am usually a fair judge on when something is naturally taking place, versus when something is really unnatural, or just out of whack, and not making much sense. In this I mean to say that I find it, a fair bit suspicious or unnatural, on why from every news outlet, press and public figure to celebrity seems to be on the trump bash wagon all on the same time. It’s really like they all held a meeting and all jumped on the wagon! I reckon the wagon is completely full now!

Why are news anchors from CNN, to talk show hosts such as Fallon, Kimmel and Oliver, to celebrities from Eminem and more, all on this wagon, all at the same time? Something is not right. I don’t believe the fact that mere differences in political opinions are just in portraying such out lash from these types of figures, especially to this velocity. There is something un-natural about this.

Something’s off. I myself, as most of the world, watched when Trump out trumped Clinton over the 2016 elections. And when he did win, the world went into an upheaval. Not just the world, but people right beside me – who were not directly affected by the results at all! And what happened soon after was that I myself began to get upset on trumps victory, not on the basis on different political opinions from his to mine, or what this would mean to my country, but merely due to the fact of mob mentality. That is to say, the people around me seemed upset, and I was going to be as well!

After a few months, I realized something. It wasn’t as bad as our minds made it out to be. And after much research on the Clintons, and what disasters they’ve committed towards the USA – trump wasn’t looking so bad. The honest and best thing I eventually came to like about this president is that he was not a politician from the ground up, rather a business man. He SEEMED to be more of a people person – but who knows?! Mainly, I wanted to believe he was not corrupted or effected by the vast corruption that has been embedded in American politics over hundreds of years. This statement of American political corruption is absolutely true.

Might this be the same corruption being directed to what is stirring up the current trump bashing? Is there something going on behind the lime light with certain powers at be, who don’t particularly like trump, as trump seems to be more out in the open about “draining the swamp that is the American political system”. I believe this new found backlash, and fear mongering of trumps’ name from politicians to celebrities to pretty much every damn place, has a bigger agenda in mind, from the powers that push the American medias and celebrities. Call it the illuminati, or the opposing parties, or the invisible hand. The members of the opposition, whoever that may be, has done a fantastic job in shaming the current US president in all media, through all journalists and public figures. They have this power, and we are literally witnessing it every day. When was the last time you can remember an American President being shamed so publicly, so violently, and with such force? And it doesn’t look like its slowing down. Something if off.

Why we make everything a conspiracy


I was recently watching a few videos on Alex Jones and his info wars, after my jump down the youtube rabbit hole, I was knee deep in Alex Jones and info wars videos for about an hour. Don’t get me wrong, these shows are absolutely entertaining. I am not well versed in Alex Jones and his info wars, but I have heard the term and names thrown around over the many years, over the internet, and through some common relatable interests.

Well, after I began to get much more into these videos, I started asking one simple question – “Why is there a conspiracy behind everything?” I asked this because, as I continued to watch, even the most mundane, sometimes irrelevant to the world, and just obscure or wrong issues, were pinned to be a conspiracy – that there must be some other hidden truth behind what has happened. Now, I’m really not sure, but a lot of his videos, do seem to me, primarily for entertainment purposes, that is to say, he is literally creating a shit storm, just to get some views, or exposure – this can’t be denied.

So the question is, is there a conspiracy behind every unknown or un-sure phenomenon or happening? No.

No because sometimes stuff just happens, and there isn’t a need to pin a conspiracy or hidden agenda behind every single thing. Can a devastation happen WITHOUT us thinking there is a global agenda behind it? Sure it can. But can it also happen, where there IS a global agenda behind it? It can as well. The point being, not everything NEEDS a conspiracy behind it.

But why do we do it? I myself, love conspiracy. It is a facet of the human mind, to delve deeper into the unknown, an imaginative creation and solution to things possible. But, why is there this urge to fill conspiracy where there may not be any? I believe it may be due to the fact that, we as humans, need to feel, that there is still a form of control over whatever happens of our world. To make it more simplistic to understand, when an event happens, and there is really no reason behind it, or it may seem random, or out of place, it leaves our emotions in an upheaval, because we don’t like randomness. Our logical minds may want an answer to this story, and conspiracy does a damn great job in creating an imagination for that answer. Once this is rooted, a conspiracy behind something unknown is great, because it gives the public a “logical” explanation of why and how it happened.