Why we make everything a conspiracy


I was recently watching a few videos on Alex Jones and his info wars, after my jump down the youtube rabbit hole, I was knee deep in Alex Jones and info wars videos for about an hour. Don’t get me wrong, these shows are absolutely entertaining. I am not well versed in Alex Jones and his info wars, but I have heard the term and names thrown around over the many years, over the internet, and through some common relatable interests.

Well, after I began to get much more into these videos, I started asking one simple question – “Why is there a conspiracy behind everything?” I asked this because, as I continued to watch, even the most mundane, sometimes irrelevant to the world, and just obscure or wrong issues, were pinned to be a conspiracy – that there must be some other hidden truth behind what has happened. Now, I’m really not sure, but a lot of his videos, do seem to me, primarily for entertainment purposes, that is to say, he is literally creating a shit storm, just to get some views, or exposure – this can’t be denied.

So the question is, is there a conspiracy behind every unknown or un-sure phenomenon or happening? No.

No because sometimes stuff just happens, and there isn’t a need to pin a conspiracy or hidden agenda behind every single thing. Can a devastation happen WITHOUT us thinking there is a global agenda behind it? Sure it can. But can it also happen, where there IS a global agenda behind it? It can as well. The point being, not everything NEEDS a conspiracy behind it.

But why do we do it? I myself, love conspiracy. It is a facet of the human mind, to delve deeper into the unknown, an imaginative creation and solution to things possible. But, why is there this urge to fill conspiracy where there may not be any? I believe it may be due to the fact that, we as humans, need to feel, that there is still a form of control over whatever happens of our world. To make it more simplistic to understand, when an event happens, and there is really no reason behind it, or it may seem random, or out of place, it leaves our emotions in an upheaval, because we don’t like randomness. Our logical minds may want an answer to this story, and conspiracy does a damn great job in creating an imagination for that answer. Once this is rooted, a conspiracy behind something unknown is great, because it gives the public a “logical” explanation of why and how it happened.