Recently, I took a little trip out of the city, actually out of the country to get away with a friend. My life at home had not been the best, with constant worry about my wife, my newborn and an over possessing mother in law. She had been living with us for about 5 months now, with my newly born son, and things were, lets say, getting to me.

I just needed to get away, not from my responsibilities, but needed a break from the house environment. I went away with a friend, if only for 3 days, and now back, I do feel completely refreshed. Mind you, the mother in law is now back at her home, which I would be lying, if i didn’t say, helps. Regardless though, it got me thinking of why breaks away, in general are beneficial for every person.

This is more of an explorative post, rather than the traditional ramblings of your one and only. I know why breaks can be important, but why does it still help, when you can still come back to the same situation, yet feel different, maybe less irritated then when you left? Should it not be the same? Suppose not! Perhaps you’ve broken the negative energy in which you created the atmosphere of when you were in those negative moods. Perhaps the break, literally breaks you of those energies and tendencies – brings you back more neutral, and ready to take it on.

I’d love to hear some comments on what breaks have done for you!